Available now!

2017 09/25 Get to the Choppa for FREE on Amazon App Store!

Finally! Choppa is available NOW on the Amazon App Store! Download for free!

2017 08/31 Dyna Knight is out now on Google Play and the App Store!

Blast and run into action in Dyna Knight, the latest game from the makers of Choppa! Become a bomb-wielding medieval knight, destroy your imaginary enemies and try to get as far as you can go! Get it now from Google Play or the App Store!

2017 02/23 Choppa has been launched on Steam!

Choppa is now live on Steam with the new survival mode, new missions, new choppers and lots of Steam goodies. What are you waiting for? Get it now!

2016 11/17 Get to the Choppa for FREE on Apple TV!

The pleads of our fans have been heard and Choppa is available on Apple TV! Featuring new and improved Siri Remote based controls and familiar physics based shenanigans you'll once again become ace pilot Rick Guyver saving people from dangerous hazards!Download now!

2016 08/30 The biggest content update yet for Choppa arrives on September, 1! Don't forget to update!

The update contains a completely new desert level full of physics shenanigans in true Choppa-fashion and of course more choppers! Get it on the App Store!

2016 08/15 Choppa lands on Steam Greenlight!

Help us get on Steam and vote for Choppa on Greenlight! The redesigned Steam version includes exclusive goodies and a new survival challenge stage!

2016 04/21 Choppa takes flight globally! Get to it - for free!

The new F2P mobile title from Parta Games is available worldwide on the App Store and Google Play! Watch the launch trailer on YouTube!

2015 09/15 Go! Go! Meatball Android release date announced!

After a full month of waiting we're announcing that Go! Go! Meatball for Android will be released on 25th September. Can't wait? Neither can we!

2015 08/15 Go! Go! Meatball has launched!

We are glad to announce that Go! Go! Meatball is immediately available on the App Store! What are you waiting for? Go download it now!

2015 06/22 Parta Games profile on The Square

We were asked a bunch of questions and answer we did! Check out our profile on The Square.

2015 05/18 Parta Games is born

You've stumbled upon the website of Parta Games - a Finnish independent game studio making organic friendly neighborhood video games.